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My Wari

By Harish Gore

Hello friends,

Today I want to talk with you about ‘My Wari’ Basically Wari is Megha event in ‘Aashdh Month, you all know. We can’t get time in that period. Another reason for starting Wari is that my beloved father was great devotee of Lord Vitthal. He passed away last year with historical struggle of 15 to 16 years with Cancer. As a son, I have fulfilled his all wishes so far. But one wish of visiting his Lord Vitthal was remained incomplete, because of his desease, as it is rather in final stage. In concern and continuous thinking, I feel guilty of it. But I have one option. I may come and let a oldest peoples of my Village prepare to visit my father’s beloved God Lord Vitthal.

I came out, discussed my concept with friends. Basically funding was major issue. I visited Mumbai. My villagers warmly supported me, To some extended funding issue was solved and we left for ‘Aaran’ on ‘Ekadashi. of this month.

Why Aaran? Aaran is Spiritual place of Madha, Tahashil, Dist Solapur. where there is great saint Savata Mali was born and survived. All great Saint visits every year to Pandharpur in Aashadh as wari, but in spiritual history of Maharashtra, Lord Vitthal visited two saints, One is Savata Mali and another is Saint Kurmadas. Saint Savata Mali believed in work. He farmed his agriculture and gets no time to visit Lord Vitthal. ‘Kanda Mula ani Bhaji, avaghi Vithai Mazi’ Saint Kurmadas was totally handicapped. He was handless and legless. He started from his village for Pandharpur for ‘Aashadh Wari. As having no hands and legs, he started his journey, His body completely wounded and he can not go more distance. He finally speaks as- ‘ O Lord Vitthal, Though I have ambition to come you, I can’t come to you, as my body was totally wounded, pains are on high'.Lord Vitthal rushed and visited Kurmadas. we visits these two saints for their high Speritual affection towards Lord Vitthal. One who visits these two places are known as Vitthal. We all are Vitthals at that time. Basically having God in inner soul is concept behind this visit.On very next day we bow to Lord Vitthal and return journey starts.

I started wari not to promote castisem but the thought behind that was these two saints are totally different from all saints. Like you, I also belives in all saint. But a visit of ‘Pandurang’ to these saints made us to think about them. This is my first attempt. In coming Wari I am thinking on this issue, rather next year today I invites all my friends, of all casts to join me. I will explain all rules and regulations on fb. So come and be with me to express your mind’s devotions towards Lord Vitthal. I will serve you as a Son.

I will write as and when necessary on this wall. My cell and Whatsapp Number is 8308575666, for any curry Call me. Also I am available on twitter, telegram, google, yahoo, etc. My mail ID is and so contact, come and be with me to express your faith. Thanks.